Lights, Christmas, Pies!

The Frito Pie fundraiser was full of fun, learning, and team work.

Gigi, Anika, and I were doing this fundraiser to make more money for going to Haiti in June. It was on December 2nd, during the Parade of Lights. We were selling the Frito pies outside of Love on a Hanger.

We had help from a lot of great people. I would like to give a shout out to Victoria for helping Gigi, Annika, and I learn how to cook the chili for the pies, it was a really big help, and we couldn’t have done it with out her. It was really fun to learn. We learned how to open big cans of tomatoes, how to use the sanitize, and most of all, how to make the chili. She spent all of that Saturday afternoon teaching us how to use a comercial kitchen in Grace’s Kitchen.

One of mine and Annika’s class mate stopped by to help out, which was a huge help. Thank you Emery. The owner of Love on A Hanger was a really big help for letting us set up outside of her store. We couldn’t have been able to set up with out the help of Lisa Baxstrom, Tegan Lewis, Mariam Howarth, and Casie LaMunyon. With these amazing and strong women helping out, we were able to set up even before the streets got crowded.

While we were selling our Frito pies, we played Christmas music, which we sang along to. It was really fun. It was really fun to watch the floats go by, and watch what everyone did. Everything was really lit up. Annika left for a while to go join the Dance Team’s float with her little sister.

Now, we are a few steps closer to reaching our goals, going to Haiti in the summer of 2018 and making a difference in the world.

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