Eclipse Experience

man watching eclipse

My family and I had driven ten hours to get to our scheduled spot for watching the eclipse. It took about an hour to get to partial, then another hour for totality. The moon was a black circle in the sky covering the sun, and the corona, the light around the moon. You would expect that it would be orange, but it wasn’t. It was crystal white.

Around the campground where we were watching the it happen, along with other people from Wyoming or around the world. On the horizon, all the way around, it seemed like a sun set. It was a brilliant light orange and red. The sky was jet black, like it would be at night, or close to night. Next to the moon and sun, you could see the planet Venus. It seemed like it lasted a lifetime, but in reality, it lasted only 2 minutes.

The mosquitoes, frogs, and crickets came out. The fire ants, which had been out while the moon was making its way across the sun, had disappeared into their hills, thinking it was night. Someone told my family and I that the ducks had gone to sleep, like the ants, thinking it was night time. When the moon went away, everything seemed to return to normal. The mosquitoes and other creatures that normally came out at night, left. The ants came out again, they didn’t seem the least bit confused about what was happening, but then again, we were all focused on cheering, whistling, and laughing, happy that we and others had gotten to witness a full eclipse.

After the eclipse had ended, my dad and I went to go and meet a man who was from Japan. He wore a shirt that said ‘I heart Eclipse’. I thought that was amazing, and cute. It was his fourth eclipse that he had seen, and he was traveling around the world tracking eclipses.

Although this may seem like it might not have anything to do with my COYLI experiences, it does. I have gotten to have two great experiences, seeing the eclipse, and meeting the man from Japan. I will have more amazing experiences in my life time, but for now, I am focusing on two more experiences that will hopefully change my life, as well as bring me closer to God. Going to Haiti, and going to Spain.

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