Lights, Christmas, Pies!

The Frito Pie fundraiser was full of fun, learning, and team work. Gigi, Anika, and I were doing this fundraiser to make more money for going to Haiti in June. It was on December 2nd, during the Parade of Lights. We were selling the Frito pies outside of Love on a Hanger. We had help from a lot of great people….

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Bake Trip to Mission Trip

Hello world of 321gcm! I am back! Sorry I haven’t been updating as much as I should have. As you all know, Gigi, Annika, and I had a bake sale at City Market. It was a huge success, and we made over six-hundred dollars. I am so happy and proud that the bake sale attracted so many people. We also…

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Running Strong, Having Fun

            As some of you who read my bio know, I run Cross Country. Cross Country is a running sport. Even if you have never run before, Cross Country is a sport that will make you think, help you trough pain, and get you in shape in no time. When I first started in sixth…

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Treats for Peeps

Come one, come all! Saturday October 7th, 9:00 a.m, Gigi Baxstrom, Annika Lewis, and Maya LaMunyon will be selling baked goods at the North Entrance of City Market starting at 9:00. The treats for all the peeps will include, Maya’s Great-Grandma’s peanut-butter cookie recipe, her dad’s favorite gingersnap cookie recipe, and some cranberry-orange biscotti, so bring your tea, or coffee, and…

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Fundraising Craft Sale

Friday, September 15th was our first fundraising event for COYLI (Colorado Youth Leadership Initiative). The church was putting on a craft sale to raise money for for Grace’s Kitchen. Grace’s Kitchen serves meals three days a week to anyone in the community who needs a meal. We decided join them with our own table and sell the crafts we all…

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eclipse glasses

Eclipse Experience

My family and I had driven ten hours to get to our scheduled spot for watching the eclipse. It took about an hour to get to partial, then another hour for totality. The moon was a black circle in the sky covering the sun, and the corona, the light around the moon. You would expect that it would be orange,…

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carabiner icon

What is the Purpose of COYLI, and what are the obstacles?

The purpose of COYLI is to teach kids and young adults the meaning of leadership, as well as how to work as a team. The program is also about getting young adults closer to God, and overcoming your fears. When we were at Cathedral Ridge, we had to do a high ropes course, also know as ‘The Tower’, as the…

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Cathedral Ridge

Sharing my Experiences

As I said in the ‘short’ bio, my name is Maya LaMunyon, and I am 16 years old. I wanted to share in more detail what my experience was at Cathedral Ridge. When I first got to Cathedral Ridge, my mom, and my best friend, also a participant, stayed up at the lodges that the counselors for the camp stayed…

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Maya LaMunyon

Welcome to Our New Blog

My name is Maya LaMunyon and I am one of ten teens who were chosen for COYLI and one of the three girls from Cortez, Colorado that were chosen. This blog is a site where readers can, well, read about our experiences during COYLI. There will be two more who will be writing on this blog, and their names are…

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