Welcome to Our New Blog

Maya LaMunyonMy name is Maya LaMunyon and I am one of ten teens who were chosen for COYLI and one of the three girls from Cortez, Colorado that were chosen.

This blog is a site where readers can, well, read about our experiences during COYLI. There will be two more who will be writing on this blog, and their names are Annika Lewis and Gigi Baxstrom. They are the two others that got chosen for the program.

Soon, this blog will be connected to Facebook, where everyone will know when a new post is up, you all will not be kept waiting. I look forward to seeing how many people decide to help us fundraise.

I will try to post pictures, and Gigi and Annika will write some about their experiences when they get the time.

For now, please think about helping us in our fundraising for us to go to Haiti where we will help kids in a school. We will also go to Spain, where we will walk the Camino De Santiago.

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